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Chargel Athlete Running

Equip yourself with instant energy before every workout.

Designed for exercise

Energy in an Instant

Nothing extra

Portable power

Refreshingly satisfying

Chargel Lifestyle Photo Running

Chargel uses an original blend of carbs and vitamins in gel form  created for quick consumption.

Chargel all flavors

Every pouch of Chargel is made free of caffeine, artificial sweeteners and high-fructose corn syrup.

Chargel Lifestyle Photo Bike

Chargel fits your pocket like it fits your lifestyle. Portable convenience with a built-in spout and resealable cap.

Female drinking a Chargel Strawberry

Chargel gives you the best of both worlds: Its unique gel texture refreshes like a drink and satisfies like a snack.

Charge up with flavor

From running routes to cross city bike rides - Chargel is energizing workouts across the nation.

Discover Chargel

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