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Male drinking a Chargel Green Apple

Excel with gel

Not all energy is created equal. Which is good news because Chargel isn’t like other forms of energy. It’s a whole new way to charge up.

Our unique gel texture has been formulated to equip you with instant energy prior to any workout. In other words, it’s designed for exercise.

With Chargel, you can say “yes” to that next after work run. And “no” to caffeine, gluten, artificial sweeteners and high-fructose corn syrup.

And because it’s a gel drink, Chargel refreshes like a beverage and satisfies like a snack. With an original blend of carbs and vitamins to help energize your next bike ride or tennis match. 

So wrap your hand and your fitness tracker around all 3 refreshing flavors. It’s not the energy you expect. It’s the energy you want.

Unexpected questions? We’ve got instant answers.

Try them all and take charge of your workout.