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Chargel is a completely new energy gel drink that can be enjoyed before you exercise – helping fuel you up with a combination of carbohydrates and B-Vitamins. It contains absolutely no caffeine, ensuring that there is no dreaded caffeine-crash after you get your energy. And Chargel is packed in a compact and durable pouch with a built-in spout so you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere.

Chargel is a completely new energy gel drink. It provides instant energy from a proprietary blend of easy-to-consume carbohydrates and B-vitamins. Chargel's unique gel refreshes like a drink and satisfies like a snack, helping fuel you up before your workout. And Chargel's pouch has a resealable cap and built-in spout, helping you enjoy it anytime, anywhere.

Both! Chargel refreshes like a drink and satisfies like a snack. Chargel provides instant energy, helping fuel you up before your workout.

We recommend enjoying Chargel cold. Unopened, Chargel can be stored either in the refrigerator or at ambient temperature. However, if storing outside of the fridge, please ensure that the product is sealed and is kept away from both direct sunlight and high temperatures. Once opened, Chargel should be kept refrigerated and enjoyed within 24 hours.

Yes, Chargel's pouch is tough enough that it won't tear or leak when frozen. It will still be safe to consume and contain the same nutritional value.

Please note that once frozen, defrosting will change the gel‘s original texture and it will never return, so we do not recommend freezing Chargel if you'd like to enjoy the original, unique texture.

You can find the best before date underneath the Chargel pouch. Chargel's shelf life is 15 months from time of production.

Once opened, we recommend refrigerating and finishing the pack within 24 hours.

Chargel is made by Morinaga & Co., Ltd., one of Japan's largest food & beverage companies. Morinaga is based in Tokyo with operations across the country and around the world. Chargel is manufactured in the Chubu Region of Japan - which is home to many mountain areas including Mt. Fuji.

You can buy Chargel directly from our website We look forward to launching in retail stores in the very near future.

We appreciate your interest, but our sponsorship and ambassador program is currently at capacity. We are always interested in learning more about how Chargel helps you fuel up. Feel free to share your story with us through our Contact Us page.

Yes, please feel free to enjoy multiple packs of Chargel per day while also being careful to monitor your total calorie and sugar intake.


No, Chargel is completely Caffeine Free.

No, Chargel does not contain any artificial sweeteners. Chargel contains sweeteners in the form of fruit juice, sugar and dextrin (a common type of sugar).

Yes, Chargel is Gluten Free.

Chargel's product does not contain any detectable GMOs. However, the product is not certified with any NON-GMO labeling organization.

Yes, Chargel is PLANT BASED certified.

Chargel's carbohydrates come from a combination of dextrin and sugar.

You can find Chargel's full ingredient list on the shop page of each product flavor.

Yes, Chargel is Informed Choice certified, which is the global standard in sports nutrition quality control.


Chargel is a completely new and unique energy gel drink that contains absolutely no caffeine. Chargel refreshes like a beverage and satisfies like a snack. All without the dreaded caffeine-crash. It’s not the energy you expect. It’s the energy you want.

Chargel provides easy-to-consume calories from a proprietary blend of carbohydrates that deliver instant energy. Chargel is also packed with Vitamin B-Complex which may help convert those carbohydrates into the fuel you need for your workout.

Chargel provides instant energy to equip you with the energy you need before your workout! And because Chargel contains no caffeine, there is no disappointing caffeine-crash.

Chargel is designed to be enjoyed immediately before you exercise. Of course, by providing instant energy you may also enjoy Chargel during your run, bike ride or workout.

Nope. Unlike many energy drinks and gels, Chargel does not contain any caffeine meaning you can expect instant energy without the dreaded caffeine-crash.

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