Delivering Unexpected Energy To Fuel Athletes On-the-Go

Chargel, the first-of-its-kind, delicious athletic Gel Drink, will be popping up at popular locations and trendy events along the Coast of California now through the end of the year. These stations will be delivering unexpected energy, positivity, and motivation through free product sampling to provide athletes with the fuel they need to achieve monumental accomplishments. These mouthwatering caffeine-free athletic Gel Drinks deliver the refreshment of a beverage and the satisfaction of a snack – created to bring out the athlete inside of you. Packed with an original blend of carbs and vitamins, and free of the nine major allergens, it’s the energy every athlete dreams of.

Chargel isn’t like other forms of energy. It’s a whole new way to charge up. With Chargel, athletes can say “yes” to crossing the finish line and “no” to caffeine, gluten, artificial sweeteners and high-fructose corn syrup. Athletes hoping to try Chargel Gel Drinks for themselves can find these Chargel Stations at the athletic events included below, with additional pop-ups throughout the year to follow. We hope to see you there!