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Meet Dominique Scott

Professional distance runner, and two-time Olympian.

Dominique was born in Cape Town, South Africa and came to the United States on a track and field scholarship to attend the University of Arkansas. While representing the Razorbacks, Dominique was a 5 x NCAA Champion, 10-time SEC Champion and 12 time All-American.

Dominique now runs professionally for Adidas International, training in Boulder, Colorado. She competed in the Rio Olympics 10,000m final and Tokyo Olympics 10,000m final and 5,000m. Dominique has personal bests of 14:59 - 5,000m, 31:00 - 10,000m and 67:32 half marathon.

Follow her on Instagram @domscottrunsa.

I think it would be pretty cool to win a World Major Marathon. It would be very hard, but super cool! There are six world majors: New York, Boston, Chicago, Berlin, Tokyo, and London. It is very prestigious to be an elite in those fields, and so very hard to finish near the front, but something that I'm striving for now that I’m moving to the marathon.

I have two types of days. I have a workout day and I have a recovery day. Normally there are three workout days in the week, and the rest of the days are recovery days. A
workout day usually consists of waking up, having toast, and heading either to the track or to the roads to do my workout that has a warmup, some intervals and a cool down. Then I'll head to the gym where I usually take my Chargel to get my carbs in, and some kind of protein drink. I'll do a lift and then I'll go home to eat and rest. In the afternoon I'll have a double run where I'll run 4 or 5 miles to total around 17 miles for the day. A recovery day is to allow our bodies to recover while putting some easy miles on our legs. The day will typically start the same with toast and coffee. After that I’ll head out the door for a run ranging anywhere from 8 to 12 miles, come home and eat and rest. In the afternoon, I may or may not have a second run ranging from 4 to 5 miles.

I always have goals for myself. By having goals, I keep myself challenged and excited. I think you need to know your “why”, which normally goes hand in hand with your goal. Without knowing why you're doing something and without having a goal it would be pretty hard to stay motivated.

Before a race, I definitely like to be as relaxed as possible. So that normally does include watching TV, either watching a comfort movie or tv show and having a good meal the night before. I might have a glass of wine to help me relax and sleep better if I’m feeling anxious. After a race, I usually treat myself to something I wouldn’t normally eat. After the Houston Half Marathon, there was like a Steak and Shake in the airport, so I got a burger and fries, and a milkshake. I also like to reward myself with some downtime as well and not think too much about training for the next week.

The most important. Training is one aspect, but your recovery goes hand in hand with it, and without fueling and recovering properly, you can't put in the training. It’s one of the most important things that my coach puts emphasis on.

I really like 90s/2000s, punk music. The songs that I remember singing when I was a teenager. Those are the songs that I like listening to when doing a hard workout on the treadmill or driving to practice.

It’s just so easy! It's very easy to throw in my bag, there’s nothing I need to prepare. It's fast absorbing, which is important. And I'm not having to sit down and have a full meal. I can consume it very easily, like while I'm driving on the way to the gym for my weight workout or driving home after a running session.

Now that I'm running more and more as I'm gearing up for my first marathon in April, I’m having to be conscious about my fueling and recovery. I have to make sure I'm
eating enough carbs which can be hard to do when you're training so much. I love having a Chargel immediately after my run. It’s quick and easy, and I'm getting in the carbs and I'm absorbing them quickly.

It really comes down to the fact that it’s easy to consume. You don't have to chew it or mix it, you just open it and swallow it! The built-in straw makes it really easy to drink and you're not getting sticky stuff all over your hands.

I think it's a great form of recovery for athletes. Obviously, it’s great for pre-run fueling, but I really think that athletes don't realize the importance of fueling right after exercise. Everyone knows about stretching and warming up, but your body is depleted after a run, and those 30 minutes after a run is the most important time to refuel. And really, 30 minutes is not very long when you know you're needing to drive home and cook a meal, but with Chargel you can consume it quickly and easily - immediately after you run.

I really like the strawberry. It’s funny, my husband prefers the apple and the grape, but I like the Strawberry.

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